Diet Change – Living with Food Intolerance

If the Food Detective™ test shows any positive reactions, it means that the patient has an elevated antibody reaction to that particular food indicating their body’s intolerance to it. Reactions can be mild, moderate or strong.

Once you are aware that they have food intolerances it is advisable to eliminate any ‘reactive’ foods from their diet for at least 3 months.

If there are a lot of positive results, then they might find it too challenging to eliminate all of the foods at once, and therefore they may find it easier to:

a) avoid the foods with a moderate and strong reaction
b) to rotate the foods showing a mild reaction.

The thought of cutting out certain kinds of food from their diet (possibly some of the favourite food) can be daunting at first. Some people can often feel worse for a few days when they eliminate a food and although certain foods can be difficult to give up, they need to persevere.

When removing foods from their diet they must try and replace those foods with substitutes. There are often more alternatives than you think.