Get what your Body needs
Natalia is one of the select group of healthcare professionals that has received extensive training in maximising healthy ageing with Metascan program. She uses a scientifically validated test known as Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA), which assists her to design a program specifically for your needs. Nutritional supplements, exercise recommendations and dietary advice will be provided, giving your body the building blocks for maximum health and energy.
What is Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA)?
BIA is a science that has been used for monitoring patients in hospital and research setttings since the 1980s. Natalia uses BIA device, which is a registered medical device called Quadscan. The test is completed in a matter of minutes and is painless. Leads are connected to your hands and feet, and low voltage electrical currents are passed through your body. This provides your practitioner with your body composition measurements, giving insight into important aspects of your health. Metascan Quadscan helps your Natalia monitor your cellular Heath and fluid distribution in response to your individually designed heath program.
Who wants more vitality?

Natalia is the best person to advise you if this approach is appropriate for you. She will take into account your health goals, and design a program based on diet, lifestyle and supplementation to help you to maximise your energy and achieve your goals.

People who may benefit from Metascan Program include those who want to:

  1. – Manage their weight more effectively.
  2. – Increase Muscle tone and fitness.
  3. – Improve energy levels.
  4. – Support healthy ageing.
  5. – Support the nutrition and health of their body.

What will I receive?

Natalia will assess your health, perform a simple BIA test, providing you with a Metascan report of findings, and then design a special program to improve key areas. She will also monitor your results over time, so that you can see how your health is progressing. Your health is your greatest asset-discuss what you can do to optimise this with Natalia today.
How do I find out more?
If you want to take the next step in enjoying your health and well-being, talk to Natalia today. She can advise you about BIA and the Metascan program.