Success Stories

My name is Sergei Shahrai. I am 55 years old. I was born and grew up in Russia. I was into sport since very early age and finally in 1980 I became a World Champion and Silver Medallist in Olympic Games in figure ice-skating. In 1992 I brought my whole family to live in Australia. Currently I work as a figure skating coach in Sydney.

About 5 years ago I started to notice very dark (almost black) circles around my eyes, and later I noticed even more changes: burning eyes and constant eye tearing which was worsening depending on the weather. I especially noticed it when I was on the ice-skating rink.

All of my visits to multiple doctors and specialists didn’t bring any improvement in my condition at all, all of my symptoms continued unchanged. I started to lose any hope that I could ever correct this problem ever. In saying this, my overall state of health didn’t make me happy at all!

However, one day, visiting my close family friends, I have heard that thanks  to a nutritionist Natalia Yurkova and all of her advice, they have all lost weight, got rid of their allergy symptoms, improved their energy levels and felt significant improvement in their overall state of health. I followed their advice and booked in to see Natalia. When I came to see her, Natalia suggested that she suspects some sort of toxicity and recommended to do a Hair Mineral Analysis. When my results came back, the level of arsenic didn’t fit on the graph, it was 5 times the maximum level, coupled with a few other heavy metals and a number of mineral deficiencies.

Natalia was surprised with my results, because having worked with heavy metal toxicity for a number of years, she has never seen such high levels of arsenic before….Nevertheless, Natalia persisted with my case, and after doing a lot of research on the topic, she created a detoxification protocol, a special diet and prescribed a number of supplements that would specifically bind heavy metals in the body and safely eliminate them.

And that’s where a miracle happened…. On day 3, after religiously taking all of my supplements, I started to feel significant improvement in my eye symptoms and after a month of following Natalia’s advice, my dark circles have completely disappeared and my overall feeling of wellbeing has improved. After 3 months, we have repeated a Hair Mineral Analysis and it showed that my level of arsenic has gone down by 50% and all of the mineral deficiencies have been corrected and were now in a healthy range.

This means that just in 3 months, all of my symptoms have become significantly better and most importantly I completely forgot about my eye problems. I kept following Natalia’s detoxification protocol, that has helped me to completely eliminate all of the heavy metals from my body.

I have chosen to mention my heavy metal toxicity in this testimonial, because this is what has bothered me the most, however other improvements in my health included: loss of over 10 kg of weight, abundant energy and vitality, healthy skin, reduced cholesterol levels and other blood parameters.

I am grateful for the chance to have met such a wonderful specialist in her field as Natalia Yurkova and would like to express my gratitude for her professionalism and talent to help people become healthy and happy. From now on, I recommend everyone, who has any health concerns to go and see Natalia, because I am 100% sure that she is a person who is capable of making the impossible possible…

Sincerely Yours,

Sergei Shahrai


Natalia, I just wish I met you 10 years ago…

Natalia has been a vital factor helping me overcome chronic illness.

She doesn’t use guess work based on symptoms like other practitioners, but past and present medical tests to find the the problem.

I was impressed with her ability to read, understand and explain simply these tests.

With Natalia, the support and info provided for treatment on diet, supplements, symptoms, etc.. go on beyond the consult.

I really felt like I was in good hands with my health, but also with the emotional toll illness puts on you.


Ryan Swan


Natalia’s positive attitude stimulates your enthusiasm to become well again!

I saw Natalia Yurkova on 27th October 2012 after suffering from stomach problems for about 6 years.  I had an upset stomach on a daily basis – often many times a day.  I swim every morning for 2 hours and my swims would be interrupted by several toilet visits.  Natalia did a food sensitivity test for me, identified the foods I should avoid and provided lists of foods I could eat.  She also gave me a nutritional supplement.

Since I have eliminated the foods that were identified as being bad for me (gluten, dairy, eggs and nuts) my stomach has been fantastic and I feel that my athletic performance has improved.

It was less difficult than we thought to adapt to my new diet and my parents are 100% behind it so they make it delicious and easy for me.  I do miss eggs (we have our own chickens) and cheese (I used to eat lots of it) and cakes and biscuits (because my Mum loves to bake) BUT the difference the diet has made to me makes it all worthwhile.

Ollie Signorini

“I was referred to Natalia by my wonderful GP Lyn Tendek who holds Natalia in very high regard.

When I first met Natalia I was impressed by her professionalism, empathy and her absolute passion for ‘healing from the inside out’.

At that time, my main health concerns related to chronic, debilitating nausea, unintentional weight loss, fatigue  and bone health.  I was diagnosed a coeliac many years ago, and more recently by my GP as having intestinal permeability –  ‘leaky gut’.

After taking a detailed history, Natalia guided and encouraged me to
improve my diet. Following some testing, Natalia also identified a number of food sensitivities of which I had been completely unaware. As soon as I eliminated those foods from my diet the nausea ceased and I was quickly rewarded with a wonderful appetite and a surge in energy – I feel fantastic for the first time in years!

Natalia, in conjunction with my Dr Lyn Tendek, is also working towards improving my bone health – without the use of pharmaceuticals – and progress is good.

I wish I had been introduced to Natalia 10 years ago!  She is a delightful person who is generous in her approach, and uncompromising in her commitment to achieving the best health outcome for her clients.

I would unreservedly recommend Natalia to anyone who is seeking to improve their health and well being.

Narelle Brown


Since eliminating the foods identified as bad for me, my stomach has been fantastic and my athletic performance has improved.

I was told to go home and rest when I needed!

I was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome!

I felt so shocking I knew that ‘Just’ resting was not the answer, I had to build up my body and mind to overcome this thing.

I attend a physiotherapist, Jeff Pross, whom I have a great deal of respect for, in Dee Why, NSW, and when he heard I had CFS he was devastated! He suggested for me to contact Natalia Yurkova, as she has great success with CFS suffers.

Because I am six hours away from Sydney I was not well enough to travel to meet Natalia, so we communicated electronically. I rang Natalia introducing myself and explaining the connection with Jeff Pross. She emailed a questionnaire to fill out covering my medical history and present condition.

Natalia proceeded to analyse my profile intensely, suggesting I have testing done to see where my body was at.

We proceeded to introduce different supplements in my daily life. Her knowledge and professionalism is incredible, she is really is thorough and precise with administering appropriate supplements.

As time progressed Natalia constantly monitored my reactions and responses to my well being both mentally and physically.

Natalia is always willing to listen, which I found so important and most appreciative as she has empathy for CFS sufferers. Her positive attitude stimulates your enthusiasm to become well again!

Since being under Natalia I have been able to get outside again to work on our rural property. The most exciting thing was to get back on the horse mustering cattle. To have the energy to be physical again without having to go to bed is priceless.

Natalia has taught me to listen to my body and be aware when I have had too much activity. I have learned a lot about myself these past years!

Our goal was for me to go snow skiing again, I am feeling very confident that will come true!

Thank you Natalia, you have been an inspiration!

Casey Hodgson


After seeing Natalia for 3 consultations, I have lost 10 cm off my waist…

Four years ago I moved to Australia, I was healthy and I didn’t have any particular problem. Only in the last couple of years I have been starting to put on weight and having digestion issues. I tried to cut out some foods and I enroled in a gym but I couldn’t see any result. I was so frustrated, I couldn’t recognize myself in the mirror…

One day I was talking with a friend and she recommended to see Natalia; my friend who used to be her patient has significantly improved her health following Natalia’s advice…

I came to see Natalia first time on 17/6/14, we had a long talk about my routine and I found her very friendly.

My main goal was to lose 7kg that i have gained during the last years of living here.

I also wanted to find out what food are good for me and which ones I should avoid. I was getting a lot of digestive symptoms but could never pinpoint which particular products caused it.

My digestive symptoms included: a lot of bloating and gas after certain meals, irregular stools (constipation and diarrhoea at times).

I had very strong craving for sweets all the time!

When I saw Natalia for first consultation, my stress level was 9/10 and energy level 5/10. I was always waking up tired and unrefreshed. I felt like i had “foggy” brain and was mentally sluggish. I had to rely on caffeine for energy to keep me going!

I also retained a lot of fluid in my body, which made me look bigger than i really was…that’s why my weight fluctuated.

My skin was very dry, and i had a rash on my arms.

Natalia did a food sensitivity test for me during first consult and straight away we knew what foods i reacted to. Natalia then recommended me to eliminate those foods for three months. She gave me a shopping list (with foods that were beneficial for me), lots recipes, recommended food alternatives for what i was sensitive to and tips for successful weight loss. I felt like I had all of the right tools and felt supported.

She also put me on a few herbs/ nutritional formulas for detox.

I got a pathology referral from Natalia. When the results came back I found out that my thyroid was underactive and this is was part of the reason for my weight gain. Natalia gave me all of the right nutrients to support my thyroid function and boost my metabolism. She has also educated me about what affects thyroid and gave me lifestyle advice about how to support it’s function.

After seeing Natalia for 3 consults, I have now:

  • Lost 10 cm of waist circumference
  • I am full of energy and don’t need to rely on coffee that much anymore!
  • My stools are now regular and my digestion is perfect.
  • I don’t have any gas or bloating anymore!
  • The rash on my arms is completely gone
  • My cravings for sweets are not as strong
  • I have lost a lot of fluid and don’t have this problem anymore

Thanks to Natalia now I feel very happy and motivated, only after 6 weeks I see great results and I want to keep going with her reccommendations. I am now enjoying a lot of new, healthy and delicious foods, she intrudiced in my diets so many good things I would never discover by myself!!!

I would highly recommend Natalia because she is a positive person first and you can feel you can trust her; she can change your daily life with few simple suggestions, just follow her advice!!!

V.G. 31 year old female


I would highly recommend Natalia because she is a positive person first and you can feel you can trust her; she can change your daily life with few simple suggestions, just follow her advice!!!