July 9, 2014

“I was referred to Natalia by my wonderful GP Lyn Tendek who holds Natalia in very high regard.

When I first met Natalia I was impressed by her professionalism, empathy and her absolute passion for ‘healing from the inside out’.

At that time, my main health concerns related to chronic, debilitating nausea, unintentional weight loss, fatigue  and bone health.  I was diagnosed a coeliac many years ago, and more recently by my GP as having intestinal permeability –  ‘leaky gut’.

After taking a detailed history, Natalia guided and encouraged me to
improve my diet. Following some testing, Natalia also identified a number of food sensitivities of which I had been completely unaware. As soon as I eliminated those foods from my diet the nausea ceased and I was quickly rewarded with a wonderful appetite and a surge in energy – I feel fantastic for the first time in years!

Natalia, in conjunction with my Dr Lyn Tendek, is also working towards improving my bone health – without the use of pharmaceuticals – and progress is good.

I wish I had been introduced to Natalia 10 years ago!  She is a delightful person who is generous in her approach, and uncompromising in her commitment to achieving the best health outcome for her clients.

I would unreservedly recommend Natalia to anyone who is seeking to improve their health and well being.