July 9, 2014

I saw Natalia Yurkova on 27th October 2012 after suffering from stomach problems for about 6 years.  I had an upset stomach on a daily basis – often many times a day.  I swim every morning for 2 hours and my swims would be interrupted by several toilet visits.  Natalia did a food sensitivity test for me, identified the foods I should avoid and provided lists of foods I could eat.  She also gave me a nutritional supplement.

Since I have eliminated the foods that were identified as being bad for me (gluten, dairy, eggs and nuts) my stomach has been fantastic and I feel that my athletic performance has improved.

It was less difficult than we thought to adapt to my new diet and my parents are 100% behind it so they make it delicious and easy for me.  I do miss eggs (we have our own chickens) and cheese (I used to eat lots of it) and cakes and biscuits (because my Mum loves to bake) BUT the difference the diet has made to me makes it all worthwhile.